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Human Resources

Human resource

Why You Should Work For DOEIL

DOEIL believes in equality and diversity and hence we welcome applications from people who meet our qualifications criteria, regardless of sex, race or disability.
The way we work is guided by our ethics and values – integrity, honesty, treating everyone with respect and dignity, striving for mutual advantage, transparency and contributing to employee progress. These to us are more than just words. They are enshrined in practical policies and standards that govern all areas of activity, including health, safety, security, environment sustainability and ethical conduct regarding business relationships.
With a reputation of being one of the fastest growing EPC companies in the Oil & Gas Sector, working on some of the industry’s most exciting projects, it’s no surprise that we attract some of the very best talent around. When you work on truly exciting projects on a global scale, you experience opportunities like never before. We invite you to discover what that can mean for you and your career.

Talented People

We understand that every employee aspires for the advancement for his career and better opportunities to use his talents. We realize that talent needs to be rightly identified & nurtured for the benefit of the organization and the individual both. Therefore we ensure that there is a constant focus on the performance development of individuals. Very thoughtfully we have put an effort to build certain mechanisms to foster the career and performance development of employees.

Available Opportunities

Once you know what a career with DOEIL could bring, consider what we could offer you now and apply. Our projects cover various activities in Diving, Rig & Ship Repair, Onshore and Offshore Fabrication, Design Engineering, Topside Hook up and Installation, Marine Operations and Management, across several geographies. We further endeavour to continually expand into other areas of activities and new countries. We are thus sure we have some opportunities to offer that could exceed your expectations.
Talented People

Working With Us

You can expect a wide range of challenges and opportunities to present themselves, which will develop your skills and enhance your experience here at DOEIL.
The key differentiating factor for the company is the integrated nature of our business, which together with our ability to see opportunities gives us the competitive advantage of seizing these opportunities faster. So you can expect to get exposure to the jobs that matter, considerably quicker.
You will be in an environment where people are energised and excited about their work, one where they are encouraged to do their jobs to the best of their ability and in the most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on giving everyone the opportunity to shape our future success which in turn encourages each of us to reach our true potential.
All this culminates in giving you greater control over how you do your work, greater responsibility for decision making and, ultimately, a greater opportunity to move your career forward.


Please note the organization will get in touch with only those candidates who meet the desired specification. This may be very specific to the company role and function. However the organization may decide to have your resume in active database for any future reference.
Applicants may email their resume to our Human Resource Department: