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DOEIL has over 15 years offshore experience in procurement, fabrication, installation, hook up and commissioning of plants and equipments on offshore platforms, drilling rigs and also onshore facilities including refineries, power plants and ports.

DOEIL has a large team of qualified engineers, technicians and welders.

DOEIL also own well equipped fabrication yards located near Mumbai.  


Services we provide:

Onshore activites include

  • Turnkey Projects for revamp of plant piping and structural works including pre-engineering surveys, preparation of ISO's and Bill of materials, transportation, prefabrication of spools as well as supports and structures at site & safe storage of the same. We also carry out procurement, erection, hook up and commissioning of equipments/systems.

  • Onshore Fabrication services to Oil and Gas refining and processing facilities, ports and nuclear power plants

Offshore activites include

  • Topside modifications on unmanned and process platforms, installation of riser clamps and protectors, deck extensions, boat landings, clamp-on structures and running conductors

  • Platform revamp work including painting

  • Hook-up and commissioning work on platforms

  • Installation of walk-way bridges and revamp of living quarters in process complexes

  • Replacement of Cranes, FG Skids, Chlorinators, Deluge Systems etc. on unmanned and process platforms

  • Piping work on platforms such as flow arm and riser piping, water injection and gas lift lines using CS, NACE, SS, DSS, Incolloy and Cu - Ni material

  • Structural work comprising of steel modules and assemblies including painting of the same

  • Turnkey repairs to spud-can, mud-mats, shock-pad foundation on jack-up rigs using semi submersibles heavy lift barges and cofferdam techniques

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