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Satpal SinghSatpal Singh

In 1980, after qualifying as a Civil Engineer specializing in offshore structures from the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Satpal joined DOEIL Offshore as an assistant operations manager.

During his years with the company he enhanced his knowledge by attending a number of courses such as the Diving Orientation Course conducted by Taylor Diving & Salvage Co. Inc. in 1981, Rig  Manager's Drilling Course, conducted by Global Marine, courses in safety, welding, quality, etc.

In his capacity first as assistant operations manager, then operations manager and finally Director (Technical), he spearheaded a number of important projects such as Boat fenders and Barge Bumper installation for NKK, Sagar Kiran Rack Teeth Repairs, Sagar Jyoti Leg Repairs, Sagar Ratna Spudcan Repairs, Repairs to Griffin Alexander etc.

Satpal was the one responsible for organising the company's strategic tie-up with Oceaneering and has been responsible for business development since the late 1980's. It is under his guidance that the company has significantly multiplied in terms of turnover and profits.

It was also Satpal's initiative that qualified DOEIL as an EPC contractor, by undertaking lumpsum offshore diving activities first for Great Offshore, then Larsen & Toubro and finally Naftogaz.

Today Satpal has worked his way up to the post of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of DOEIL and he continues to focus on taking this company to never before seen heights.


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